IGCSE Events


English Day:
  Robots, witches, singers and models were present on the 5th of May to celebrate the English Day. Great shows were presented, and the spirit of team work was present.



 Earth Day:
On the 22nd of April, the entire world units in celebrating “Earth Day”. During this day students will value mother earth, will show their concern about pollution issues and will come up with ways to protect Earth. (Great banners & badges will also be done by students on that day.)  
Kill Smoking!            
Kill smoking before it kills you! This is what is written on the badges worn by students and teachers as part of the school’s anti smoking campaign. Please help us to protect your children from this unhealthy   habit.  

Adventure Time!
It’s Spring Time! So  students from the International Section are ready to storm castles, unwrap some secrets related to old times and ruins! If you are a team player, full of energy and courageous then this is the right trip for you. (Wait something is missing I forgot to tell you that students won’t have fun without their teachers, so teachers will be there to add some spices.)

Religion Day:
“ I love Islam “ is a name of a book but it also reflects the students appreciation to their religion. Parents are invited to witness our students true feelings about Islam on the 12th of April at the school’s library. 

Spelling Bee:
Guess what is the right spelling? Is it (judgement) or (judgment)? To find out the right answer join us at our annual Spelling Bee competition which will take place on the 30th of March. By the way the two mentioned spellings for the above word are right!

Pi Day
Be careful, it’s not an activity for making pies and eating them! It’s a day for pure Mathematics. Although we might let you get a slice. Students will compete against each other, making projects, wall charts and will have to pass some difficult quizzes. Start working, for your school has prepared great prizes for the winners.

Eid Al Adha

Have you seen Shaun the Sheep? Well he was present at The IGCSE building on Thursday 3rd of November. Shaun the sheep celebrated this occasion by dancing with the students, eating cupcakes and face painting.

Character Day

Have you chosen your costume? If not, you’d better hurry; you‘re running out of time! IG students are having their first “Character Day”which will take place on 23rd of November.

 Great surprises and fun are awaiting you on that day, so don’t miss it!